Who We Are

Veevinos is a fine wine company that works directly with small family-owned wineries from around the world. We are known for working with exclusive producers that place an emphasis on high quality, enabling us to offer distinctive, award-winning and internationally renowned wines.

Client Base

Veevinos has a deep understanding of the wine industry. We aim to introduce clients and consumers to- and provide them with amazing product of the highest quality. We have made a name for ourselves locally and our client base is growing; which is a testimony to our dedicated belief in customer satisfaction.

Our Wines

Our wine portfolio celebrates quality and affordability from a variety of brands. We are the exclusive importer of Valpanera wines to most countries in Africa. We import, distribute and retail fine wine mainly in Ghana, South Africa and Nigeria; bringing new and exciting wines that will complement your current wine portfolio as well as add value to your overall wine selection.

Our Philosophy

We believe in sharing amazing wines, illuminating their originality, telling their stories and uncovering the history behind every bottle. The two main differences between Veevinos and our competitors include our broad product offering and our supply base.

Our Vision

We intend to be leading distributor of quality wines with an extensive footprint in Africa.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate our customers about international wines from Italy, USA and South Africa. We also focus on innovation and are committed to the continuous improvement of our business in the areas where we operate.